How to use TPM to check on battery information?

The Thinkvantage Power Manager tells you many things about your ThinkPad battery, such as:

1. Checking amount of power used (i.e. Wh), current (A), voltage (V), this depends on the machine and TPM version used.

2. Full charge capacity, current charge capacity and design charge capacity. This is how you tell whether your ThinkPad requires a new battery.

3. Whether the battery is in good condition.

4. Manufacture date and First use date.

5. Number of charge cycles of the battery. This will tell you (along with the date stamp) to tell whether the battery is new or used.

6. Manufacturer of the battery cell. (i.e. LG, Panasonic, Sony, Sanyo, etc).

7. Bar Code Number and FRU of the Battery.

8. Battery temperature, whether there is a risk of overheating and explosion.

9. The power rating of the AC adapter you plugged into the ThinkPad (i.e. 65 w, 90 w, 135 w, etc).


You can access the Thinkvantage Power Manager by doing this:

1. Click on the Green Battery Icon on the task manager bar.

2. Click on the advanced option within the Thinkvantage Power Manager windows.

3. Click on the battery tab within the Thinkvantage Power Manager.

4. Now you should have the full view of the battery information.


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