How to do battery reset with TPM?

In the Thinkvantage Power Manager (TPM) there is a feature where you can do a battery reset, which basically fully charge the battery, fully discharge it and then fully recharge it back again. The battery reset have the following advantages:

  • Fully recalibrates the battery charge level to the actual level.
  • Reduce any irreversibilities within the battery cells, and thus prolonging the usability of the battery.

You can do the TPM battery reset by doing the following:

1. Click on the ‘Green Battery Icon’ to start the TPM software on the taskbar.

2. Click on the Advanced button, if it is not already in the advanced mode.

3. Click on the ‘Battery’ tab within the advanced mode.

4. Click on the ‘Battery Maintenance’ button.

5. Click on the ‘Perform Reset’ button within the Battery Maintenance window.

6. Click on the Continue button on the ‘Battery Gauge Reset’ window.











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