ThinkPad X1 Battery Firmware update

I have been using my ThinkPad X1 for a while now, it has got around 9 charge cycle to the internal 4 cells Li-Polymer battery (1000 charge cycle is its expected life expectancy), and for some reasons it lost around 30% of its full charge capacity (when compared to the original design capacity). Initially i thought this was a hardware problem with the battery itself, and the thought of having to send the new laptop in for a battery change really angered me, as i did not really want to deal with ByteCraft depot repairer touching my brand new ThinkPad, let alone opening up changing its internal parts.

So i put the battery change on a backburner until i really needed it, then a thought struck me, if the new ThinkPad X1 slice battery’s myriads of problems were all attributable to a bad firmware, then potentially the problem that i am having with the X1 internal battery may also be attributable to the firmware issue. As such, i did a quick Bing search (ok i did a Google search… cough cough) and there was actually a ThinkPad X1 battery firmware update available.

Other machines that can also benefit from the battery firmware update are:

  • Edge 13 (Machine types: 0196, 0197, 0492)
  • Edge 14, Edge 15
  • Edge E30 (Machine types: 0196, 0197, 0492)
  • Edge E40, Edge E50
  • Edge E220s, Edge E420s
  • L410, L412, L510, L512
  • SL410, SL510
  • T410, T410i, T510, T510i, W510
  • X1, X100e

Battery FRU affected by this problem are:

  • FRU P/N : 42T4708 (ASM P/N : 42T4709)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4714 (ASM P/N : 42T4715)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4737 (ASM P/N : 42T4738)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4757 (ASM P/N : 42T4758)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4797 (ASM P/N : 42T4796)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4803 (ASM P/N : 42T4802)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4783 (ASM P/N : 42T4782)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4789 (ASM P/N : 42T4788)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4831 (ASM P/N : 42T4830)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4807 (ASM P/N : 42T4806)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4815 (ASM P/N : 42T4814)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4839 (ASM P/N : 42T4838)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4848 (ASM P/N : 42T4758)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4849 (ASM P/N : 42T4709)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4850 (ASM P/N : 42T4738)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4851 (ASM P/N : 42T4715)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4852 (ASM P/N : 42T4796)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4853 (ASM P/N : 42T4802)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4854 (ASM P/N : 42T4782)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4855 (ASM P/N : 42T4788)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4856 (ASM P/N : 42T4830)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4857 (ASM P/N : 42T4806)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4858 (ASM P/N : 42T4814)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4929 (ASM P/N : 42T4928)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4933 (ASM P/N : 42T4932)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4937 (ASM P/N : 42T4936)
  • FRU P/N : 42T4939 (ASM P/N : 42T4938)

You can check the FRU number by either:

1. Directly checking on the battery, which have a FRU number printed on the sticker lable. If you have the integrated battery then you would obvoiusly need alternative method.

2. Using the Thinkvantage Power Manager to check on the FRU of the ThinkPad battery. (If you don’t know how to do it, you can access the tutorial here)

After the X1 battery firmware was updated, the problem i was having with the battery was fixed, which made me happy and loving my ThinkPad X1 again.

Do note this problem should be dealt with as soon as possible. According to Lenovo website:

This is not an urgent update; the problem will manifest itself over a period of months. Eventually, the battery will erroneously indicate that it can no longer hold any charge, but this effect is slow and accumulating. Large enterprise customers can plan to do this update during their next planned system maintenance.

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  1. Mark Hopkins
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 14:16:11

    nice write up!


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